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EU 230VAC 50/60 cycle (0.37kW);
10 second cycle time;
Crush over 60 disks an hour;
Visual verification of destruction;
Safety switch on destruction chamber;
Durable and transportable;
Simple, safe and secure

You've got sensitive information on a hard disk that requires decommissioning. Every day you hear more about identity theft, security compliance, and cyber criminals trying to obtain your private information. If you throw the disk in the dumpster, who knows what might happen to all those credit card and social security numbers. Imagine your liabilities. What should you do? Crush your decommissioned disks with the Hard Disk Crusher. Learn more...

On 2nd September 2009 the eDR HDC-V Hard Disk Crusher was awarded the prestigious CCTM Certificate from CESG, the UKs National Technical Authority for Information Assurance at GCHQ.

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The Hard Disk Crusher (HDC) is patent pending.