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EU 230VAC 50/60 cycle (0.37kW);
10 second cycle time;
Crush over 60 disks an hour;
Visual verification of destruction;
Safety switch on destruction chamber;
Durable and transportable;
Simple, safe and secure


• Bank of America/Merrill Lynch
• EDF Energy (France)
• Kredittilsynet (Financial Supervisory Authority Norway)
• Shred-IT (Belgium/Luxembourg)
• University of Glamorgan (Forensics)
• University of Brunel
• University of Plymouth
• Nuclear Decommissioning Authority
• Rechenzentrum der Finanzverwaltung (German Govt.)
• Swiss Remarketing (Switzerland)
• National Centre for Social Research
• University of Oxford
• Bell Microsystems
• Computer Disposals
• Gelan
• IT Efficient
• Mafi Mushkila
• Electronic Waste Recycling
• XPO IT Services
• PeakData Services


To order a service or product, please contact us. We supply direct to any European, Middle Eastern, African or Asian destination.

The only way to securely destroy your valuable data is to do it on-site yourself or have someone else destroy it in front of you! Your options include:

1) Purchase: Competitive pricing for those wishing to use the Hard Disk Crusher "in-house".

2) On-Site Managed Service: We will come to your premises, set-up the HDC in your secure environment and crush the disks using the HDC-V. We can scan serial numbers and provide you with a list of destroyed disks, or alternatively some businesses prefer to have a prepared list of serial numbers that they have compiled themselves.

3) Disposal: We also offer secure, ethical disposal of the crushed disk drives using ISO 9001, 14001 and 27001 processes with full WEEE compliance and disposal Certification to that effect.

In-House or Outsourcing - Which is Right for You?
The decision to destroy your Hard Drives in-house or to outsource is a difficult one. There are advantages and considerations to both. Of course you could ask a professional for advice, but regardless of your needs you can be pretty sure that equipment sales people will tell you that in-house is best and if you ask a contract destruction company they will tell you that outsourcing is best.

The only way to be sure you're getting the best advice is to talk to a company that provides equipment as well as destruction services. eDR Europe has no ulterior motives and our recommendation will be for what's best for your specific situation. You agree that you need to do something to protect your company's sensitive data. You know that SECURE destruction is necessary. Now the question is do you purchase and install equipment at your facility or do you contract someone to do it for you.

There's no right answer to this questions. Every business has different needs that must be considered before a decision is made. This page is designed to inform users about the advantages and considerations of each method.

  1. Data never leaves your facility so there is no risk of loss in transit
  2. Data is destroyed by your own employees or Contractor
  3. Minimum space required
  4. Ordinary 220v plug used
  5. Visual Verification
  1. Costly investment
  2. Data usually requires transport outside of your pemises thus immediately becoming vulnerable to risk
  3. What happens when your disks leave your premises ? Can you be 100% sure that none of your data appears on a “list for sale” ?
  4. Involves Minimum Fees or Contract Periods for “Outsourcing Contracts”

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