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EU 230VAC 50/60 cycle (0.37kW);
10 second cycle time;
Crush over 60 disks an hour;
Visual verification of destruction;
Safety switch on destruction chamber;
Durable and transportable;
Simple, safe and secure


Bank of America/Merrill Lynch
EDF Energy (France)
Kredittilsynet (Financial Supervisory Authority Norway)
Shred-IT (Belgium/Luxembourg)
University of Glamorgan (Forensics)
University of Brunel
University of Plymouth
Nuclear Decommissioning Authority
Rechenzentrum der Finanzverwaltung (German Govt.)
Swiss Remarketing (Switzerland)
National Centre for Social Research
University of Oxford
Bell Microsystems
Computer Disposals
IT Efficient
Mafi Mushkila
Electronic Waste Recycling
XPO IT Services
PeakData Services


EN-ISO 12100-1:2003
ANSI B30.1:2004

CE Mark
2006/42/EC & 98/37/EC

Our Solution

The Hard Disk Crusher (patent pending) ensures that your confidential information remains confidential by destroying it permanently. After being crushed by the Hard Disk Crusher, the data can never be recovered again.

It is much simpler and faster to use the Hard Disk Crusher than it is to reformat a disk or use a degausser. Furthermore, it has been proven that degaussers don't always work. New disks have such strong shielding that the magnetic oersteds (Oe) used to destroy the data can only achieve a high enough field intensity to destroy the read-write arm. Therefore, it's often possible to remove the platters, put them in new disk housing with a new read-write arm, and read the data that you thought you had destroyed. Unfortunately, due to new disk shielding technologies, degaussers have become unreliable.

Though reformatting a disk can wipe out the data, reformatting a disk is very time consuming. It can take hours to reformat one disk. And the system reformatting the disk needs to be operational. The Hard Disk Crusher can destroy a disk and the data on it in just seconds without the need of a peripheral PC or workstation.

With the Hard Disk Crusher you can crush over 60 disks an hour. It drills through the hard disk's spindles and physically creates ripples in the platters making it impossible to recover the data. One customer informs us that they destroyed over 9000 drives in a month, and another customer destroyed over 800 drives in day.

The Hard Disk Crusher is durable and transportable. You can put it in your vehicle and take it from one location to another. It uses a standard 220 outlet and can crush a disk in 10 seconds. The destruction chamber is made of case hardened steel. Its unique safety features ensures that the crushing device will not operate unless the safety door is shut. If someone opens the door while a disk is in the process of being crushed, the crusher will shut off.

In the event that a military or intelligence agency needs to evacuate a facility in an emergency due to an impending hostile attack, the Hard Disk Crusher can be used to destroy sensitive information in record time. No embassy or defense installation that has the possibility of unfriendly take over should be without a Hard Disk Crusher.

Any commercial organization that needs to protect sensitive information can benefit by using the Hard Disk Crusher. The cost of one Hard Disk Crusher could potentially save you millions of dollars in lawsuits or privacy compliance penalties.

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Front View

Side View

Chamber Weight: 35 kg
Cradle Weight: 3.6 kg
Total Weight: 38.6 kg


The following types of organizations have found that the Hard Disk Crusher meets their data confidentiality needs:

Accounting firms
City municipalities
Credit card processing merchants
Federal agencies
Financial institutions and banks
Hospitals and medical centers
Information security departments
Investment banking firms
Law firms
Military installations
Mortgage and home loan companies
Petroleum engineering companies
Pharmaceutical companies
Publicly traded companies
Public utilities
Publishing companies
Recycling and shredding companies
State agencies
Technology innovators
Universities and colleges

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The Hard Disk Crusher (HDC) is patent pending.